around pregnancy week 30
Third trimester ultrasound examination – allows us to reassess in detail the anatomy of the foetus, assess the growth rate and symmetry of the foetus development, as well as detect some abnormalities in the child’s body that were not visible at an earlier stage, or appeared only in the second half of pregnancy. The background to such changes, in addition to genetic or developmental causes, may be the result of an infection or vascular disorders.

In cases where earlier examinations revealed abnormalities, e.g. abnormal structure or function of the heart or other organs, dilation of the ventricular system of the brain, renal pelvises, growth rate disorders or abnormal volume of the amniotic fluid, we evaluate the progression of changes.

It should be stressed, however, that due to the conditions of the examination, including the size and position of the foetus, this examination is often technically the most difficult one for an ultrasonography specialist.

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